PTA Programs

Foothill Elementary is fortunate to have a very active PTA. 
With so many Programs geared to impact and support our students, school, teachers and community there are a variety of opportunities for parents and family members to get involved in our community.

Ongoing Programs all year

Teacher Appreciation

Exploring the Arts


Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Back to School PTA Membership Drive

Ballroom Dance


Reflections - due


PTA Awards Dinner (Council)

Nature Challenge


Fall Festival


Choir - Ballroom Begins


Choir - Ballroom Concert


Exploring the Arts - Gala

Choir - Ballroom Concert

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch


Book Fair

Teacher Dinner

Vision Screening

Classic Skating

Exploring the Arts - begins


Book Fair

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Dinner

School Spelling Bee

PTA Awards Submitted


Classroom Spelling Bee

Advanced Learning Lab

Ski School Sign-up


3K Fun Run

Field Day



Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation is a week held in February where we show our appreciation and spoil our teachers.  Each day of the week has a suggested theme where students and parents are able to thank teachers in different ways.  Our teachers are also shown appreciation with teacher dinners during parent teacher conferences and gifts during their birthday months.

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Exploring the Arts

Would you like to be a part of your child's creative learning? All supplies, curriculum, resources and planning are done. We just need YOU!

This is a volunteer program for parents between October - April. We teach a 45-1 hour lesson in the classroom 1 day a week, usually Monday's (ask your student's teacher which day). Volunteers are asked to sign up for a month at a time to begin and end a new concept, artist, period or technique. 

Each grade does a Master Project, Name Plate, Self Portrait and Curriculum based project. At the end of the year we host a gala to exhibit all the artwork.


Fall Festival

Fall Festival is our major fundraiser for the year! In September we invite EVERYONE: students, siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors and anyone that likes to have fun! Over the years it has become quite the don't-miss event. We have everything from bounce houses, food trucks, pony rides, hair studio, face painting, soda pop walks and SO MUCH MORE!! 



National PTA Reflections welcomes, free of charge, students from all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, 2D Visual Arts, and 3D Visual Arts.

PTA volunteers run the Reflections program at local(school), council, region, and state levels. Between 10,000 and 13,000 entries are submitted annually in Utah and roughly 300,000 entries are submitted nationwide.  If you would like to volunteer to help with your school’s Reflections program, contact your PTA president.



For 3rd to 6th graders: Everyone who would like to give ballroom a try is invited to the first two classes for free.

3rd and 4th-grade students are invited on Friday, August 27th and on Friday, September 3rd at 8 am. 

5th and 6th-grade students are invited on Monday, August 30th and Wednesday, September 1st at 8 am.  

There is currently a waiting list for girls in both classes so remember that if you can get a boy to sign up you will automatically get in.  Submitting a registration form will hold your spot until tuition is due on September 10th.  We are looking forward to a fun year of dance!


Book Fair

Book Fairs are typically held twice yearly in the fall and spring.  They are held in conjunction with parents teacher conferences as an opportunity for families to purchase books and support our school’s library.  The Book Fair is organized by our school librarian, and staffed by PTA volunteers.

Visit our Scholastic Book Fair homepage. 

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Vision Screening

Each year our school nurse holds a Vision Screening for students. This helps parents know if their child might benefit from a visit with an ophthalmologist. For this to run smoothly, we ask parents to volunteer their time. Please contact us at to volunteer. Make sure children bring glasses to school this day!

September 14th at 9:15 - 11:15am


Classic Skating

Twice yearly the school is invited to Classic Skating for a night of skating and fun.  Skating admission is complimentary, with other activities and food prices significantly reduced.


Spelling Bee

Spelling Bees are for grades 3-6, with each class sending 2 winners to the school-wide Spelling Bee in February.  The school-wide Spelling Bee is held in the evening, with judges, awards, and parents in attendance.


Advanced learning Lab (A.L.L.)

What is an A.L.L. program? A.L.L. stands for Accelerated Learning Lab. Our 3rd through 6th grade A.L.L. classes offer a more challenging school experience than some schools are able to provide. If your child is accelerated academically, we invite you to have your child evaluated for the program.

The testing for A.L.L. placement is done during the month of January.


KNowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl is a trivia competition held in the Spring.  Teams are created based on grade, with study sessions held outside of school hours.  A regional competition is held in the spring, with opportunities for awards and advancement.


Nature Challenge

More information coming soon.


3K Fun Run & Field Day

Both these programs are organized and run by our school.  The PTA supports the school by providing refreshments and volunteers for these events. 



Each year a yearbook is created for our school.  Yearbooks include class pictures, as well as candid pictures from throughout the year.  Yearbooks orders are taken in the spring, with delivery of the book the last week of school.